Good Ol' Birthdays

Happy Friday all! Hope it's been a speedy fast and relaxing week for everyone, and more importantly, I hope the weekend is filled with laughs. Over here, I'm welcoming Friday with open arms. This weekend is going to be filled with relaxing, a little bit of softball, and a birthday celebration for one of the greatest woman I know, my grandmother. It's days like tomorrow when my grandma turns 86 that I learn to reappreciate life and loved ones all over again. As one of the most selfless woman on this planet, I only hope when {or if?} I get to age 86, I'm as sweet and relentless of a person as my grandma is. Even greater, I hope that my life is as filled with wonderful people, rich experiences and defiant love as my grandma's life was and continues to be. Visiting my grandparents' New Hampshire schoolhouse surrounded by colorful gardens, waking up to the smell of fresh breakfast wafting down the hall into my bedroom... These are the richest and truest memories a kid can have. Keep chugging along, Grandma. Thanks for teaching me to bake and all those sweet years of love. To many more. Grandma's GardenThanksgivingChristmas