A Happy Birthday to my Beautiful Mama

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Let me start this by saying how lucky I am to have this wonderful, selfless woman as my mother. Growing up, her endless efforts to better my sister and my lives and to better us as human beings were maybe taken for granted just a bit. But mama, now as a twenty something adult, I truly realize just how hardworking and tireless of a woman you are and have been since the day I was born. Thank you for lacing spiderwebs throughout the house at Halloween and making every space of our home feel joyous and cozy at Christmas time. Thank you for the traditions that made our family stronger, the vacations and adventures that allowed Amy and I to see the world, the birthdays when we felt like the princesses, the sick days that were filled with homemade soup and movies, the hugs, the warm house, the food in our bellies, and all your love. You deserve so much more than I can ever give you in return. I only hope that one day I can be as absolutely crazy amazing of a mother as you are. Our family is so filled with love, thanks to your kind heart.

Happy birthday mama. I love you!