Happy Birthday, My Love!


Today, Hobson turns 21 (kidding! although I bet he wishes). Anyway, this guy. Oh man, you guys. What can I say? He's silly, crazy, kind-hearted, and a 5 year old at heart (really though... I'm not kidding about that one). He makes me laugh on a daily basis, picks me up when I most need it, and he does so in a way that no one else can. When I hear that loud, belly laugh of his from the other side of the house, I can't help but giggle. And that million dollar smile? Well, that can brighten anyone's day. I think everyone needs a person like Hobson in their lives, if not to make you laugh then to remind you that life is fun and meant to be smiled through. And while he manages to always see the bright side and the fun side to life, he's also one of the hardest working people I know, constantly working his butt off in an effort to make my dreams come true. Seriously, this guy, he never, ever stops, and I'm so thankful.

Happy birthday, babe, and here's to the best year yet. Thank you for bringing an overwhelming amount of joy to my life. Today, and everyday, I'm grateful for you.

Note: for a bit of background on the silly picture above, click on photo. And, for a series of fun photos that explain just a few of the many reasons why I love this man, scroll down.

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