A Heartbreak and a Confession

Tony and Ziva with quote I need to vent... and probably not about anything that is on any of your minds right now. I sincerely hope this doesn't make any of you stop reading this blog. I'll be very sad if it does, but this is a blog about my life, right? Well, this was my life last night. Late last night. The after midnight kind of late.

As my little bio clearly writes, Hobson and I are NCIS addicts. Maybe me a tiny bit more than him, but he got me into it. For the past year, I've been buying every NCIS season since number one. We watch the first season, I sell it on eBay, I buy the second season, we watch it, I sell it on eBay, and you get the point.

For those of you familiar with the show, it is currently about eight or nine episodes into season 11. Last night, we watched the first two episodes of season 11 (we're almost caught up with the rest of the world). Let me just say, THEY WERE LIFE-CHANGING.

Now you probably think I'm crazy. Maybe you're picturing me yelling at the television, crying a bit, jumping up and down, having conversations with the characters... well all of those things were taking place last night. Ask Hobson. He won't deny it. He thinks I'm crazy too.

BUT GUYS. Have you ever gotten so into a show and just completely connected? Well this is how I feel about this show. I mean, Hobson and I were Tony and Ziva for Halloween. It's safe to say I'm obsessed (I promise, it's a healthy obsession. I'm in no way becoming one of those brainwashed TV junkies who eats, sleeps and breathes a character). I just LOVE THIS SHOW.

Last night was Ziva's final episode (Ziva is played by the beautiful Cote de Pablo). This awesome Israeli bad-ass has been with NCIS for eight seasons, and I cannot imagine the show without her. For those of you who do not watch NCIS, Ziva and Tony have played the "typical television love-chase game" for eight years. In Ziva's last few episodes, this love game finally plays out. YES, they love each other. FINALLY. While I believe that Tony (played by Michael Weatherly) is the best character television has EVER seen, I feel like the "Tony + Ziva" we've anticipated for so freaking long is finally dangled in front of our faces only to be ripped away. I seriously felt my heart break. PLEASE, someone, please tell me I'm not alone in this feeling... now that I've convinced you all I'm crazy.

But come on. Watch this little video of the cast. How can you NOT love them? I feel like a secret, creeper extension of their family.

It's going to be weird seeing the show go forward. NCIS has never, ever disappointed me, but they have sky-high standards to live up to with Ziva gone. As Michael Weatherly puts it, "men without women around become very uninteresting." I, for one, think Ziva is irreplaceable. Don't get me wrong. I will NEVER stop watching NCIS. It will always be my all-time favorite show. It's just going to be an MAJOR adjustment.

Listen to me. I sound like I'm talking about a huge life-altering event, like I'm moving half-way around the world and never seeing people I love again. Well, it kind of feels that way.

Now I'm very much hoping no one shows up at my door to take me to the psych ward after reading this. I don't think I've ever use CAPITAL LETTERS so much in one blog post.

I gave you fair warning. I said I needed to vent.



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