here's to a very merry weekend!

If you aren't new to these parts, you may have noticed that my dear little blog has gotten a major facelift! The talented Megan from Yammering Yankee has worked her magic and I truly couldn't be happier. If you're in the market for a new web design, click here, contact her, work with her. Seriously. She rocks. Thank you so very much for your hard work, girl! I'm in love with my new design. Ok. Here we are. It's Friday and Christmas is in five days. What? WHAT? December has seriously flown by! 2013 has flown by. It still feels like I was ringing in the New Year only a mere few weeks ago. I guess it's time to start making a list of aspirations for 2014.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I'm going to try to get my priorities straight and hopefully avoid running around like a crazy person. Fingers crossed.

Wishing you a few days filled with cookies, cakes and other goodies...


...and plenty of gift wrapping, if that's your sort of thing (I love it)


Although the temperatures in Connecticut are supposed to skyrocket this weekend (60's on Sunday), I'm over here hoping that they fall back down to normal FAST. I just want a white Christmas, guys. Don't blame me. It's too magical a concept to not crave on Christmas Day. And I don't think I've been shy lately in proclaiming my love for the snow. We shall see how much of this beautiful winter wonderland is left come next week.


Off to drink some eggnog coffee, do some writing and give that big ol' tree of ours another gallon of water. Happy early holidays, friends!

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