Homemade & All Natural Taco Seasoning

il_570xN_475155871_d0oc For years, taco nights were complete with a trip to the grocery store for packaged taco seasoning. After all, what are tacos without that spicy, delicious flavor? I'd never thought twice about what sort of chemicals I was adding to my food and in turn, into my body, until I came across this great recipe for homemade taco seasoning made up completely from spices and herbs. We loved the idea so much that Hobson decided to set up his own Etsy store, in the hopes of saving others a trip to the store for packaged taco seasoning full of unwelcome ingredients. It comes complete with your very own Ball jar to keep and reuse, and dependng on how much flavor you desire, this seasoning will last you approximately five to seven meals. I promise you; this is the best taco seasoning you'll ever have.