Inside Look: April

CozyCollageOutdoorsCollageFamilyCollage ZooeyCollage01ZooeyAndKatoZooeyCollageMay has been here for a while now and that makes me very happy. It's one of my favorite months of the year, when everything springs to life and there's an extra special energy floating around. April was good but I'm honestly glad it's over. It was a month of transition for us, moving in with my parents and expanding our family. It was tough at times, I can't hide that fact, but it also had its beautiful moments ( many Zooey-filled, as if you couldn't tell ). When May rolled in last week though, I was very ready to wave good-bye to April and say hello to warmer temps and a May vacation to come. May feels like summer to me, and summertime is what I need right now. We already have a couple trips planned over the next few months and I could not be more ready. So May, thank you for coming. You are very, very welcome in these parts.

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