Inside Look: July

BlackFramed01ONE  Daily gardening adventures. Amidst a workday which usually consists of hours in front of the computer, I've made it a point to spend at least 30 minutes outside tending to the plants, be it weeding or watering. Upkeep stays to a minimum and it serves as a nice little screentime break for my eyes.

BlackFramed02TWO  Much antique shopping and flea market hopping. I have something super exciting planned soon, but this is the first step. This is a big thing guys, really big, and I hope it comes to fruition as beautifully as I've dreamt it up to be.

BlackFramed03THREE  A wonderful birthday spent by the lake with my sweet pup. Being a puppy mama is truly the best. I love that girl to pieces!

BlackFramed04FOUR  First time on a paddle board. To say I loved it would be an understatement! If I had one of these babies, I have a feeling I'd be on it every morning, and I think Zooey would probably join me...

BlackFramed05FIVE  Lots of late afternoon summer thunderstorms, forcing the sticky, humid air away for cooler nights. Dream sleeping weather...

BlackFramed06SIX  A wonderful week spent exploring the shore of Delaware. The older I get, the more I appreciate the family vacations my parents gave us as kids. I can't wait to one day give my kids memories of summers at the beach.

BlackFramed07SEVEN  Coffee and slow mornings. My favorite kind. I find that with a morning routine I look forward to, getting out of bed isn't always as dreaded.

BlackFramed08EIGHT  A beautiful addition to the family when Hobson's sister gave birth to beautiful baby Annabella. Welcome sweet girl! We're all so happy you're here.


I've always loved July. For me, it's the true heart of summertime. It's the month of cookouts and hamburgers and country music, afternoon lemonade and early evening swims, weekend outings and nightly ice cream treats. There's this extra special carefree vibe in the air, like even though we may have that 6am alarm coming in the morning, if the sun is still out, maybe we don't have to hit the sheets quite yet. When you're driving home in the late afternoon, windows down, sunroof open, music turned up, and you pass an American flag blowing in the wind or a farm or a pretty downtown, there's a certain feeling of content that hits you. At least for me, and it makes me smile and feel grateful for it all. How was your July?

Images via Instagram.