Inside Look: June


If I were to choose one word to label this past month, it would have to be magical. June was magical. I'm not one to pick favorites, but it might just have been my favorite month of the year, thus far. Sure, there were up's and down's along the way; a few moments of tears, both happy and sad. But what are the up's in life without a few down's? What are happy tears without the sad ones? If the tougher moments of life mean that I can truly feel with my whole being the raw beauty of the happy ones, I'll take those sad tears when they come.

June very quickly became a month I needed desperately. It was a month filled with the beginnings of good promises for the future; it was a month of so many smiles and heartfelt laughs that at times I thought I would explode with joy; and it was a month with an abundance of beautiful moments. June was very, very good.


 ONE. I photographed my first wedding. I don't mean to be corny here, but it truly was magical ( more photos of that to come ).

TWO. Flowers, oh the beautiful flowers that the Earth graced us with this month. I couldn't get enough. My phone was filled with floral beauty all month long.

THREE. A relaxing family trip to Block Island, a wonderful weekend.

FOUR. The last few days of June, my cousin and her boyfriend-turned-fiance ( !!! ), flew in from California and stayed with us. We checked many things off the bucket list during those few days.... exploring small-town Connecticut, barbecuing, experiencing every inch of New York City, maybe staying out until sunrise in the city that never sleeps ( literally ), sleeping the following day away ( necessary ), eating hibachi and early morning waffles. It was a fun few days but the most fun was when Eric got down on one knee during the seventh-inning-stretch at the Yankee game last Friday night. The look on Morgan's face, the smiles, the tears, the cheers.... that was magic.