Inside Look: March



A goal of mine this year was to record more moments of 2014, no matter how small. I began this task last month when I took a look back at February. So now that we're a good week or so into April, I think it's time to reflect a bit on March through photographs. I do enough 'feeling talk' on here and even though that's one of my favorite reasons for blogging, sometimes a picture says a thousand words. There are many posts from March that I know I will enjoy looking back on in the future (like this post and this one) but it's time to get a little visual. Also, when I came across this quote above by Charles Dickens, it just felt so March to me, don't ya'll agree?

Let's take a look at what March brought, shall we?


Warm sun through the windows, brisk chill outside ^ March2

One last beautiful and unseasonably warm day on the slopes ^March3

Men Cook Too was stocked, sold out and restocked in stores! ^March4

Many dinner dates ^


Also pictured above: Lazy mornings complete with breakfast in bed, a bittersweet and tiring moving process, saying goodbye to this beautiful space of ours and hello to new things.

Welcome April. I'm glad you're here.

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