Inside Look: September

CollageSeptember has got to be one of my favorite months of the year, especially in New England. It starts out like summer and ends like fall, and there's really nothing better than the wonderful transition that comes along with that. This was our first full month in the new house. It was busy and chaotic and messy and beautiful.

(ONE) The beginning of the month was crazed with moving, but my mama kept bringing me these beauties, and even amongst the piles of unpacked boxes, they managed to lift my spirits. (TWO) Hobson's parents bought us a new grill when we moved in. We spent many nights testing that baby out, savoring the last nights of al fresco dining, draped in blankets to fight the chill that comes in September when the sun goes down. (THREE) Last weekend, we threw a housewarming party. It was such a great day with family and friends. The people in our lives, man, I love them. (FOUR) Though the previous homeowners had done a terrific job in bringing our 1923 bungalow up to date, there were a couple projects we wanted to do to add our taste to the space and really make it ours. There's more on the to-do list, but getting rid of the yellowish-gold color in this hallway and adding a fresh coat of white paint was one thing we checked off. Zooey seems to like it, too. And we all know her approval sometimes matters most. (FIVE) The final couple days of the month truly felt like autumn. The leaves on the ground seemed to agree.

Cheers to October, and all the cozy, crisp wonderful things that come along with it.

All images by Sarah Wheeler via Instagram & iPhone ( @sarahannwheeler )