Insta-Inspiration .01

collage_01 I have a slight obsession with Instagram. But I feel I'm probably not alone in this, in fact I know I'm not, and that makes me feel a wee bit better. I find during the day, Instagram is the main form of social media I'm most drawn to + truly wholeheartedly enjoy perusing. It's the first App I open on my phone in the morning + the last one at night. The Instagram world has become a platform for everyone to be their own artist, display their art and browse the art of others. A community of just beautiful pictures. It's a lovely thing.

I am a huge fan of too many Instagram accounts, but I've managed to widdle my current obsession down to these four. If you're in the market for a new collection of art to feast your eyes upon, these four ladies nail it every time.

01. @witanddelight_ // 02. @cambria_grace // 03. @ohdeardrea // 04. @kelseybethune

the .01 in the title of this post indicates there may be a chance Insa-Inspiration will become a series, as I just can't seem to fuel my obsession enough. :} so keep an eye out + happy Saturday, friends! my instagram account is @sarahannwheeler for all my fellow insta-obsessives!