Last Minute Unique Thanksgiving Recipes

Pictures It's the day before Thanksgiving! Yay! One of my favorite days of the year, for sure. All the prepping, traveling and craziness is pure contagious joy to me. Some may hate it, but I savor it.

I'm going to be busy doing a little baking today. Over the past few weeks, bloggers around the web have been sharing some Thanksgiving recipe ideas. Since I'm not the best cook in the world (nothing like Mr. Men Cook Too), I thought I'd share my top three picks for unique Thanksgiving recipes. If you're looking to sway a little from tradition and are puzzled on what to make, take a look at these three awesome ladies and their preparations. Hope you find something you love and I hope you are savoring this pre-holiday spirit as well!

Per-Cinnamon Martini // Soft + Spicy Molasses Cookies // Champagne Cranberry Sauce

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