Lately Loving: In.Sek Design

insekdesign1 Etsy is a beautiful thing. Without this community of crafters, I may never had come across one of the coolest small businesses I've ever seen. In.Sek Design is an Industrial Design/Build company whose mission is to create meaningful, enduring works that blur the line between functional design and high Art.

How's that for a business philosophy? To me, it fits right into the modern + creative society of makers that I've fallen so in love with. Ashira, the founder/owner of In.Sek Design, is a lovely lady with a wonderful vision. Her products are truly genuine, purposeful and stunning.



I would purchase one of every In.Sek product if I could. The industrial look of them is so raw yet beautiful, warm and homemade, and completely my design style. If I could wake up each day to see the morning sun reflecting off that copper hanging planter, I would be a happy girl.


There's something to be said for shops like In.Sek Design. Turning one's vision into reality is a powerful accomplishment, and I look up to Ashira for the job she has done. I try as often as I can to buy crafted products like these from In.Sek Design. The quality of small businesses is an irreplaceable aspect, and I believe there is no feeling more fulfilling than supporting another's dream.



The In.Sek Design Etsy shop is filled with many beauties, including all the ones photographed in this post. You can also keep up-to-date with the current and future projects that Ashira and In.Sek Design are working on through Instagram. It's a truly lovely feed I wish I had added to my Instagram favorites list. Definitely in the next Insta-Inspiration edition. :}

Thanks for allowing me to feature your wonderful work, dear Ashira! Keep creating.

ps. these pet bowls steal my heart.

insekdesign7 insekdesign8


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+All photos in this post belong to In.Sek Design.