Lemongrass Combined I've never owned or eaten lemongrass before, but when summer rolled into Connecticut, an article I'd recently read stood out in my mind, especially on those muggy nights when it felt like all the mosquitos within a ten mile radius were swarming towards me. My main reason behind the purchase of my lemongrass plant was for its natural mosquito repellant qualities that I'd read about. I have to say, thus far, the nights on our deck have been remedied of mosquitos. However, I was interested to know the other uses of lemongrass. My encounter at the nursury on my hunt for this little plant taught me that it is very commonly used in Thai and other Asian cooking. {When I asked the salesman if they had any lemongrass for sale, I was politely asked back if I did a lot of Thai cooking. I don't think I've ever cooked Thai in my life, although I love eating it, but nevertheless I answered yes. I think I was too embarrassed to admit to the true reason behind buying it}. Anyway, I came across some neat recipes I'm dying to try out, and I'm excited to make lemongrass tea on, what I'm sure will turn into for this tea drinker, a daily basis.

Here's some neat articles that I found interesting in my search: Lemon grass // Discover the Benefits of Lemon Grass Tea // Lemongrass Recipes