Lil Sis

20130918-195049.jpgThere's this girl that is one of a kind. Truly the best. She's been my closest friend and my little sidekick since I was 13 months old, which happened to be exactly 22 years ago today. There's something about sisters that is so special that I am struggling to find words to describe it. Being so close in age, we've been attached at the hip as far back as my memory goes. She has listened to my endless banter, been my shoulder to cry on, and knows the littlest things that make me who I am. She nevers judges me, offers advice when the time is right, and has laughed with me until our stomachs hurt. Sure, we drove our parents absolutely insane with our singing and dancing and blasting music as young teenagers, and we scared them to pieces when we began driving, dating, leaving home to live on our own and conquer the real world. But we did it together. The world had to take on two of us, and I know that always soothed our parents' worries just a bit. For you, Amy, I'm forever grateful.

Even though we do not live in the same town anymore, no longer go to the same college and don't have the pleasure of cooking in the same kitchen every night {actually more like her cooking for me during those long nights of college homework... or parties? shh}, she will always be my sister, my best friend and the person who knows all my secrets.

I love you, A! I cannot wait to celebrate your birthday! Cheers to another beautiful year! Xox


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