A Little Bit of Paint

20130829-122637.jpgI guess it is time to admit that I have a bit of an obsession with {yes, Josh, go ahead and make fun} white paint. Okay, not a complete obsession, but I guess my home decor style falls into the category of white paint versus dark wood. There are many furniture pieces or features of a building that are meant to stay natural looking. Hardwood floors. Some brick walls {though I do love painted brick as well}. Handmade furniture pieces full of history. But there are some things that just need a major facelift and I'm a firm believer that a simple coat of white paint {or any color} can add tremendous character to a space. White just seems to be my go-to color and first choice. Take our television stand, for example. It's a Walmart piece. No character, no history, no charm. It held my parents' television for a few years in their house, until it starting bowing slightly {okay, a lot} in the middle. I guess this is a good way to tell whether a piece is handmade or cheap factory built, if it can hold a television without caving in. Well, I took their junk and used it for our television in our apartment. It was supposed to be temporary until we came across a piece we loved and would last us a long time. That has yet to happen, and I hated staring at this thing, especially while trying to get into a good show and my eyes would wander down to the ugly, peeling piece beneath. UGH. So last Friday night, I took out my paint can and brush and got to work. I didn't do it the right way, I know that for sure. I didn't sand {although I don't know if you can sand this piece without it falling apart}. There's imperfections, but I kind of like it that way. I just slapped two coats on and our living room feels so much warmer. It was just all too dark wood themed for me, but now it falls more into the white paint category I love so much. {Sorry for the horrible photos. Taken with an iPhone with paint-covered hands}.20130829-123321.jpg20130829-123649.jpg


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