Little Bits of Life

20130902-153539.jpg Well, the unofficial end of summer has passed. From now until the official end of summer, I'm going to be soaking up as much sun as possible, eating meals outside on the deck when we're home, and savoring the feeling of warm nights. I hope you all had a terrific Labor Day weekend. Here's a look at mine via Instagram. Have a great week all! {It's a short one! Yay!}

20130902-153613.jpg {Lunch date with my mom and sister at this new little confectionary in downtown New Milford} 20130902-153644.jpg {Savoring flip-flop weather} 20130902-153715.jpg {Breakfast for dinner after a day of softball} 20130902-153738.jpg {Our most recent green bean harvest from our deck garden} 20130902-153804.jpg {Hobson playing horseshoes at a cookout this weekend}

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