What is love?

BetweenLenses700x500 Today, I'm joining up with Tara Victoria and Latrina for another episode of the Between Lenses photography challenge, and it is only fitting that the theme this month is love. Let me tell you, brainstorming how to relay what love means to me via a single photograph is a more difficult task than it sounds, because, to me, love is so much.

I've always dreamed of my life to be one of adventure; traveling the world, seeing new places, maybe never settling down. There is just so much of this world to see and one of my biggest fears in life is not seeing it all. It used to scare me half to death that I'd regret my life if it wasn't filled with travel. I'm a learner and a dreamer, and I craved culture and new worlds.

When I met Hobson a couple years ago, a certain switch inside me went off. He didn't exactly share these dreams of mine, but he understood them, respected them, and continues to try to make them come true. But he also taught me that life isn't all about the big adventures, that the small ones are just as important. That our morning cups of coffee, as minimal and miniscule in the big scheme of things as it may sound, are just as important. Our walks in the midst of a snowstorm can be adventurous too. A good meal at a new restaurant, a chai latte and new book at a café, a nightcap at the latest wine bar, a game of catch in the park.....

The best part is, I still have my dreams of traveling the world. He's never taken them away from me, only taught me the lesson that adventure can be found everywhere. He promises these trips to new and faraway places will happen, heck they already have.

The photograph below is of a hike in the snow we took one day, an experience just as special to me as our walks in the French Quarter of New Orleans or through the vineyards of Canada.

So, my love, thanks for showing me more of life + Happy Valentine's Day.

I also want to quickly say that Valentine's Day is a day to celebrate love, in every sense of the word. Love isn't always romantic. Love is trusting someone with your whole being, wanting nothing but happiness for that person, and sticking with them through it all, judgment aside. There are many people in my life that I feel this sort of love for, and they know who they are. So Happy Valentine's Day to all the Valentine's in my life. Thanks for loving me.

Oh, and Mom and Dad. Thank you for instilling the sense of adventure within me from the very beginning. It's the exciting childhood that you gave us that has made me never want it to stop.