MacabreFor this month's Moodboard Monday, Brooke and I took advantage of the spooky side of what October is all about. We chose the theme Macabre last month, but it wasn't until I sat down over the weekend to start creating this board that I realized just how out of my comfort zone this theme was. It's bold, dark and loud, and let's face it, kind of creepy. We easily could have gone with a softer fall theme, something cozy and crisp and warm. But I love that we didn't. I love that this project truly challenged me this month. It was a fun way to exercise my brain and to associate the season of fall with something other than knit sweaters and pumpkins (which I'm totally all about though, let's be honest).

Don't forget to head on over to Honestly, B. to see what Brooke came up with!

We'd love for you to join us! If you take part in this month's Moodboard Monday, be sure to leave your link in the comments below. Next month, our theme will be "Geometric" and we will post on Monday, November 3rd. Hope to see some boards soon!

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