Macaroni and Cheese // Healthy Additions

DSC_0210 We've all had those lazy nights. It's been a long day and the idea of standing on our feet in the kitchen slaving away over a home-cooked meal is dreadful. I was at that point the other night. Opening the cabinet, my eyes immediately drifted to the mac and cheese boxes lined in the corner for those emergency meals. Rather than eat solely pasta and cheese for dinner and feel like a dragging blob for the remainder of the night and the next morning, I looked to the refrigerator for some healthy additions. I ended up using dried basil and jalapeños for some spicy and refreshing flavor. If you're not so into the spicy hot flavors or if you have some picky little eaters in the house, there are so many quick and healthy options to add into mac and cheese. Just a few off the top of my head would be fresh diced tomatos, black olives and red peppers, or broccoli and chicken. Think of it like a pizza pie: what would you add as toppings? Granted, not everything you put on pizza would necessarily fit into mac and cheese, but it's a concept that is so simple to use over and over again.