To My Mama


Mama. Remember all those times you'd worry just a bit extra? All those times you'd cover me in kisses just because? All those nights you'd comfort me from bad dreams and check the closet for monsters and sneak me an extra $10 for that movie ticket with friends? I'm not a mama yet, but does being a puppy mama count? Maybe, because I sort of know those feelings. Alright, maybe I don't fully know them quite yet, but I understand them. I get it. I get it all. I've been thinking about how I can ever repay you, but here's the thing, mama. I don't think I can. I think it was not only your duty as a mother, but your favorite duty to ever hold, and I know you've been the best one to ever hold this duty. I think the only way to honor you, mama, the only way to pay you back in any way at all, is to pay it forward. To continue to be the best daughter I can be. To be loving and kind and live the life you always dreamed for me. To give the world a good human. To contribute to society in ways that will make a change for the good, no matter how small the change be. To give my pup the life she deserves and raise beautiful and loved children one day. To be happy, because that's all a parent wants for her child, or so I'm told. But I do understand. I understand it all. I truly understand now, how one person can live so selflessly for another. Because that's all you've ever done for me. Mama, my life is better with you in it. My life is as sweet as it is because you're in it. Because you've been my mama since day one and nearly twenty-four years later, you still are. In every way.

Do me a favor? Okay? Live today just for you.