the most meaningful.

giving Just before Christmas, I wrote about how much giving and receiving the gift of time means to me. There's nothing better than that giddy feeling that comes when someone is about to open a gift I know they'll love, an experience, heartfelt or handmade gift that holds special meaning for them. Well this holiday season, my two favorite guys hit the nail on the head.

Hobson surprised me by deciding to start a new holiday tradition for us. Cutting down a live Christmas tree is so important to me but so is the earth. Two passions hard to balance, but he found a way. A few days after Christmas, he came to me with this card from the Arbor Day Foundation. I smiled + laughed because it's so damn cute + so meaningful. He had ten trees planted in the Superior National Forest in honor of our dear little tree. Isn't that exciting?! I think so. And now when we have to take our tree down in the coming weeks, I won't feel so sad. Thank you Hobson for being so thoughtful + creative + constantly making me smile.

My dad did pretty darn good in the gift department, too. On Christmas Eve, we found three presents under the tree, perfectly wrapped, might I add, for my mom, sister and I. Inside each was our very own CD case, filled to the brim with 27 DVDs. In the beginning slots there was a table of contents he had written listing the big events in our lives for the past almost 24 years. My first steps, the day my little sister came home from the hospital, countless Christmases, Easters and birthdays, school plays and Irish dance performances, first days of school and family vacations. He'd spent months converting our home videotapes (which were slowly wearing away) to DVDs, and now we each have many hours of our very own footage detailing our childhood. Thank you Dad. You're truly the best.

I feel very lucky to have such creative people in my life.