Meet Zooey!

MeetZooey We decided to do it big this week... move and get a pup all at the same time. I'm not going to lie, it's been a long and exhausting week. The to-do list has never been so long, and I haven't been so happy to see Friday in a long while. But the decision to turn ourselves from a couple into a little family has been the best one. We are head over heels for this little gal of our's. Welcome to our family, sweet Zooey!

I've gotten a few questions regarding the specifics of Zooey. She is a rescue pup from a kill shelter in Georgia, so it is difficult to know the exact details of her time before she came to us. As far as we know, our girl is almost 6 months old, a black lab mix (we think beagle) and the absolute cutest thing in the world. She's got a puppy face but will not get much bigger, so I'm hoping that puppy face stays. We adopted her from Perfect Pets Rescue in New York, a wonderful shelter that gives dogs left to die new homes. If you're in the area/market, I highly recommend these lovely people. They do so much good. How someone could have left little Zooey on her own is beyond me, but I'm glad her path led her to us.