Mini Apple Cinnamon Rolls

20130911-142841.jpg Last weekend, Hobson and I spent our Saturday morning in the kitchen. He has his own little project he is working on {to be revealed upon completion}, and I had to bake a dessert for a family cookout later that day. I love Saturday mornings. Sleep in, the weekend feels like it's just beginning, life is good. The slow Saturday mornings are the best. Getting out of bed whenever, cooking breakfast closer to noon than to sunrise, walking around for the entire morning in pajamas. Seriously, what's better?

Although I cannot reveal what Hobson cooked up in the kitchen that morning, I can show you my concoction. We did end up eating both of our dishes for breakfast outside on the deck, soaking up the beautiful sunshine that was out last weekend. It was a wonderful morning and a day of fun, celebration and yummy food. These mini apple cinnamon rolls are like having your own personal, bitesized apple pie. They are so delicious, so easy, and so perfect for the upcoming fall season. I don't know about you all, but I usually end up with apples galore in the autumn and am always looking for creative and new ways to use them. These apple cinnamon rolls are also absolutely perfect for parties. Find the recipe here and happy baking!

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