Banana Bread Fun

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We are all very much aware of what this sight means. Bananas turning soft and brown, and we cannot seem to eat them fast enough. Twice in the past month, that is exactly what happened in our kitchen. I personally love it. Granted, it's another thing on the to-do list, but it's also an excuse to bake. The first time, I decided to make use of these mini loaf pans passed down from my grandmother, the best baker there ever was. I followed the same recipe I would for one loaf of banana bread but instead poured the batter in these little babies. These are so perfect for little homemade gifts or bake sales, too. The second time in the past month I had to make use of brown bananas, I followed my same normal recipe but added some mashed up strawberries that were also starting to wrinkle in our fridge. Strawberry banana might just be the best fruit combination ever, and so it was no doubt that this strawberry banana loaf was absolutely delicious and perfect for summer.