A Morning Boost

hot-lemon-water I love a good cup of coffee more than anyone, and I certainly have my favorite teas... and let's not even talk about how much I love experimenting with new ones. But lately, I've gotten deep into this new routine of drinking hot lemon water first thing in the mornings. So far, this stuff is magic. It's easy, cheap, refreshing and I feel more awake in the mornings than I ever have been. Now that's a feeling we all need sometimes, right? Or maybe all the time. If I'm craving a little sweet flavor, I'll add a drop or two of honey into my cup.

So why is this stuff so darn good for you? I'm definitely not an expert on this topic. This is just my personal account with it. Hot lemon water has worked well for me lately, but every one is different. I've heard many reasons as to the truth behind the magic of this simple concoction...

Now, as to what degree all of these benefits are true.... I'm not sure. But I urge you to do your own research, try it out and let me know what you think! Also, I'd love to hear any other morning concoctions that you enjoy and find beneficial during those early morning hours.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I still drinking coffee and/or tea on an almost daily basis. This morning dose of citrus is just an added bonus.



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