A Morning Reminder to Chase Dreams

EveryMorning1 Hi there friends! How was your weekend? I know, I know, it's Tuesday... but it feels like a Monday to me. I spent the long holiday weekend in Vermont with my family and just returned home last night, so I'm easing back into the grind of things around here. There's lots to do. Laundry to be done, cleaning, work to catch up on, you get the jist. After a long day of travel yesterday, I was tired this morning and had to push myself to get out of bed and begin, hence the little graphic I threw together above. A little push to begin the week, or mid-week inspiration for others. Whatever it may be, I hope it motivates you and adds a warm reminder to your day. Keep going, keep dreaming.

More on my Vermont weekend in the coming days. For now, have a beautiful one.