My Favorites Corner

Happy July Fourth! Today is a beautiful day here in Connecticut. It may be hot and muggy, but the sun is shining and there's so much happiness and energy. I hope everyone's holiday is filled with fireworks, food and fun. I know that's the plan for us.

I'm excited about this week's favorites. The first is The History's Channel's DVD Independence Day - The History of July 4th. I'm a huge history buff. There's something so riveting and eye-opening about indulging in the stories that precede us. This documentary style video informs viewers of just where and how the typical Fourth of July summer barbeques and firework celebrations originated.

I love Lonely Planet. Their travel guidebooks are so perfect, providing just the right amount of details to know all you need to about your destination, but not too overwhelming for the busy traveler. In honor of our trip to New Orleans next week, this Lonely Planet New Orleans City Guide is going to be a life savior in leading us through this exciting city, I already know it. I can vouch for the handful of other Lonely Planet city guides I have put to terrific use. If you're headed off to venture in a new city soon, I promise Lonely Planet guidebooks will be the perfect travel companion.

For those of you that have long weekends beginning today and whether your plans contain little adventures or big safaris, enjoy! Remember to wish America a Happy Birthday.