New Photography: Florals

DSC_1654 DSC_1658 DSC_1655 DSC_1661 DSC_1673Hello there friends! How are you all? I'm back from a bit of a break, trying to settle into a routine again, which is proving more difficult than one would imagine, but we'll save that for another day. I've mentioned a couple times how much I'm loving florals lately. I guess that's what happens when one endures a long, chilly, never-ending winter, and then that day when the flowers bloom... and BOOM, flower fever! Though, even that is an understatement.

But in response to my flower fever, I've decided to add a few floral pieces to my photography shop. They are for sale as art prints, unframed or framed, or stretched canvases. I have a bunch of these hanging on my wall, and even as mini-sized, unframed prints, they still manage to brighten my days.

I hope you'll check them out ( HERE )! The photos in this post actually did not make the cut, so there are a few even better ones up for sale. Thank you for your continual support in my little photography shop, my friends! Photography has been a passion of mine for awhile, and even though I never expect to make a living from it, I simply enjoy sharing it with eyes other than my own. So thank you.

Sidenote: If you ever see a photograph on my blog that is not in the shop but you would like made as a print, please shoot me an email --