New Shoes and New Friends

New Shoes Hi dears! How was your weekend? Lovely, I hope!

Mine looked a little something like those new shoes up there, refreshing, simple and good. I love those new babies, a gift from my dear mama this weekend on a little shopping date. I wore them to dinner that same night and a coffee date on Sunday with Brooke from Honestly, B! I'm pretty sure they're going to quickly become my new go-to shoes....

But Sunday! This was the first time I've met up with another blogger in person and we had such a great little date. Connecticut isn't exactly the center of the blogging world, but I'm happy I'm not the only one in this teeny tiny state! Gosh, I wish I could hang out with bloggers all the freakin time. I love the awesome community the blogging bunch is. We just get each other, something Brooke and I chatted about yesterday. This lovely lady is so great. Go show her some love.

All for today. Lots of work to catch up on. Have a beautiful Monday all!