NOLA Inspired Blackened Seasoning


When we were in New Orleans this past July, we fell absolutely in love with the food. I've written before {here} about how food can define a culture and shape our travels to a new place. New Orleans is no exception. The creative person Hobson is, he decided to craft his own blackened cajun seasoning inspired by the cajun captial of the South.

Enough of me. Here's a snippet of his reasoning behind his concoction.

"During a trip to New Orleans, Louisiana, I fell in love with all the food found within the city. Whether it was Cajun, Creole or something simple and traditional like a Po' Boy, the taste just exploded in your mouth. One of those tastes came from the blackened seasoning. Since I enjoyed the seasoning so much, I decided to create my own version, allowing me the chance to enjoy the incredible food without having to buy a Hurricane or Resurrection."

Can you tell he's a writer? I mean how many Etsy sellers put a personal story behind their products when advertising to potential buyers?

Anyway, just TRY IT. Trust me. It's one of a kind. Warning - You must LOVE spicy foods. Luckily, I do. We have our own stash and have tried it on numerous dishes, from shrimp to chicken to salmon and even homegrown green beans on the grill. So good. The product comes in a great little Ball jar too, your's for the keeping. Visit his Etsy shop here and enjoy!

PS. His homemade taco seasoning is simply awesome too.

Cajun Seasoning-2