nola Travel Series // Outside the City

DSC_0351 DSC_0359 While down in New Orleans, we were lucky enough to take a three-hour Hurricane Katrina tour. It was truly eye-opening. We were brought outside the city by bus, shown properties still empty from demolished houses, broken and rebuilt levees, and some of the hardest hit sections of the city. It was tough but beautiful, in a way. It has been eight years since the wrath of Hurricane Katrina broke the city of New Orleans down, but the beauty lies in the community that has been brought back to life. These people were {and still are} living in their own little world and have managed to make that a wonderful one. I am actually in love with the photos that I took while on this tour, although through bus windows. I find myself looking back on them now and know I will for years to come. I always find it astonishing and neat to venture outside the city center, tourist district of any place I'm visiting. There is so much to learn, and I love absorbing every little detail.

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