nola Travel Series // People

h a j b&wswamp tours People are one of the most challenging subjects to photographs, yet what is a photo album without human beings in it? On our recent adventure down to New Orleans, the people we encountered made the trip more unique, fun and allowed for us to indulge deeper into the culture of New Orleans and the people that make up the city. There are two particular encounters that will stand out in my mind into the future as beautiful reminders of New Orleans.

The first took place at the French Market. He was the last vendor we approached, selling handmade leather jewelry, but face reading was his true talent. With one look at a person's face, he could read their personality like it was his own best friend. He did just that of the four of us, and it was absolutely astonishing how spot-on he was. He called Amy {the artist} artistic and claimed Josh {the accountant} paid great attention to detail. He labeled me as someone people want to open up and tell their secrets to {and my favorite part - sorry for the gushiness - was when he claimed Hobson and I were a perfect match}. He was truly a cool guy, kind of a roamer. He wasn't from New Orleans but had lived and traveled back many times. Currently, he lives on a sailboat off the island of Jost Van Dyke in the British Virgin Islands {Amy and I clung to this, as we'd previously traveled to that particular island}. It may not seem that coincidental, but when you find one person who lives on the same eight mile island you've been to in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, where thousands of islands dot the water, it sort of means something, especially to us Jimmy Buffett and boat loving sisters.

The second encounter was on one of our last nights in New Orleans. We stopped into a travel booth around 10pm to sign up for a swamp tour the following day. Approached immediately by this older man named Daneaux, we instantly dove right into this wonderful conversation. One hour and a liquor store trip with our new friend later, we walked out smiling and so happy. It was one of those overwhelming, heartwarming feelings. We all felt lucky to have spent a chunk of our night hopefully making Daneaux's night a little less lonely. Not only was his offer to accompany us to the "best and cheapest liquor store around" so completely adorable, the night was made when he whipped his worn guitar out from behind the counter and started playing us a tune. He even got us all singing along with him.

Unfortunately, I do not have photos of either of these two amesome gentlemen and most of the ones of I have are of the four of us. Nevertheless, enjoy.

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