an organization process

Happy Monday friends! I figured this was the perfect day to write this post for two reasons. One, I find that many people, myself included, usually need major motivation on Monday. Am I right? Two, it's the first full work week of the New Year + goals are lofty for many, again, myself included. So i decided to make a special little treat for myself, and you, if you so desire. A month or so ago I started the hunt for a new planner. Not just any planner, but one that dedicates a full page to each day of the year. In my line of work, I need this. Very much. I've adapted the habit of sitting down each morning before I take on the day, cup of coffee in hand, my mind calm, and I make a fresh list of what I'd like to achieve that day. Not tomorrow, the next day, next week or next month. Just that day. Live in the moment, right?

I've been patiently waiting until 2014 hit shelves to buy myself a new planner, though. The whole process of writing lists and checking them off throughout the day is way more fun on pretty paper.

After much browsing, I couldn't find exactly what I was picturing, so I took on the task of making my vision come to life. I wanted something simple, clean and of course, with a little reward at the end ;}

Enjoy + happy planning!