Outdoor Garden Revisited

DSC_0664 I am truly so proud of us! Starting completely from scratch just a few short months ago, we've transformed our little deck into an outdoor oasis that continues to surprise us everyday. I wrote about {here} how, when planting, we made an amateur mistake in not labeling our seedlings, so it's been a trial and error growing season, but as many failures as we've encountered, we've also built up quite a few successes! It's so pretty, too. And fun. I love coming home to our little babies everyday, walking up the deck stairs anxious to see how they're doing! Check out their progress below!


DSC_0670DSC_0669DSC_0668{We have a climber!}

DSC_0667DSC_0663{Lettuce for days!}

DSC_0666DSC_0665{I cannot wait for the flowers to bloom in this adorable apple crate!}

DSC_0653{Baby lemon, I hope!}