The Passion Project + Other Saturday News

Hi friends! A rare Saturday post here on Safaris and Sunsets, but I had some time and wanted to share a few pieces of news with you all. To not take up too much of your precious weekend, I'll do this quickly in list format! {one} Remember this post from earlier in the week? I talk about a Pandora ad video I had seen but failed in finding again? Well, thanks to the lovely blog A House in the Hills, I found it! It's a campaign by American Express called the Passion Project. It's a truly inspiring campaign filled with wonderful projects like this one below. I love this idea of supporting a "new generation of makers, creators and mold-breakers." Check it out -- you'll be happy you did!

{two} Safaris and Sunsets has grown over the past few months, and I have you all to thank for that! This little blog has become my baby, and I love it. I've decided it was time to create its own Facebook page, so I invite you over to check it out and join in the fun!

{three} Advertising is here! If you click Advertise in the menu above, you will be directed to this page. I have begun advertising on some of my all-time favorite blogs, and so I decided it was time to offer the same on Safaris and Sunsets. If you have a blog, small business, or anything you'd like me to promote, just let me know!

{four} Last but not least, please continue to support Men Cook Too in whatever way you can! Hobson's new book is truly original and something everyone could use in their kitchen.

Have a lovely weekend! Hope you have some fun things planned. Xo!