Pre-Vacation Shopping Spree

DSC_0248 Next week, my man, my sister, Amy, and her boyfriend, Josh, are leaving on a great little getaway to New Orleans. I wrote a while back {here} that this was Amy's college graduation present. We're all very much looking forward to some tasty jambalaya, French Quarter architecture and some fun nights filled with jazz music. The culture of New Orleans is something rare; it has a way of making you feel like you're in another country without having to carry your passport with you. I'm so excited to indulge in this beautiful city. The weather is going to be hot, so a pre-vacation shopping spree was in order this week. I always find loose dresses, skirts and tank tops are the coolest outfits for me, but I also love fashion. Looking good and comfortable is a tough job, but I think these outfit finds will help me pull it off.



{I love how contrasting the textures and patterns of these two pieces are, yet they match so well}.