Process: Inspired by Circles

CircleLogoBoard I'm currently smack in the middle of a fun branding process for a new project I'm working on and cannot wait to share with you guys! But I'm going to hold off on sharing more than this for now. I'm one of those people who tends to get ahead of the game. I love to share all my ideas, plans and dreams, even if they only exist in my mind. But this one I'm trying to bring to life before sharing it. Remember that mantra of mine I posted about the other day? Dream an idea, write it down, bring it to life. Well, rather than letting this idea of mine stay a dream, I'm actually making it into a reality and it feels good.

Last night, I was knee deep in design research and inspiration. I went to bed and couldn't turn my mind off, so I figured writing about it might slow those wheels in my head down.

I seem to be very drawn to circles for this project. I spent some time on Pinterest, and when my pinning spree was done, I went back and looked. My board seemed to be dominated by these round babies. Above are just a few that I fell in love with. Which is your favorite? How do you feel about circle logos? You can see more of my pinning spree and follow along here.

PS. Happy first day of spring! The birds are chirping outside, the sun is shining and my handy dandy Weather app says it is supposed to reach 53 degrees today. Those are good signs, my friends.

Also! During the week of reveal of this project, I will be hosting a few giveaways as a form of celebration! If you are a blogger or shop owner who has any interest in participating in a giveaway, please shoot me an email: Thank you, thank you!


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