Raleigh Bound

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Remember that post I wrote yesterday? About life lessons? Well, here's another quick one for ya. There's nothing better for the soul than a little bit of travel. Absolutely nothing. In a rut? Book a trip. I swear by it. You'll feel refreshed in no time.

So a few nights ago, I took a bit of my own advice and booked a trip for us! At the end of May, we'll be headed to Raleigh for a few days of exploring and relaxing. While I've been to North Carolina many times, never have I spent time in its capital city, so we're looking for any advice out there! Cool restaurants, fun attractions, must-see places... I know Videri Chocolate is raved about and that one is definitely on the to-see list. I'm also thinking the Downtown Raleigh Movies Series, which kicks off the Friday we arrive, might be a fun option.

I could spend hours researching online, but I want to hear your genuine suggestions. Where should we go, what should we see, where should we eat?? This trip is a blank slate, and for that, I'm pretty excited, but your help is needed. Raleigh, we're coming for you!

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