Saturday Guest Post: A Word on Travel

Muhammad I'm hoping you're reading this with a happy heart and a warm cup of coffee in your hand, possibly still in bed. That's what Saturday mornings are meant for, right? And good reads, so hopefully I've given you an okay one here.

I just wanted to pop in and direct you lovely readers over to the True Colours blog, written by the sweet Casey. She writes a gorgeous blog and is a traveler whom I admire so very much. She has seen so much of this world, and her stories are absolutely inspiring. When Casey first asked me some questions about travel, I thought it was a great opportunity to sit down and do a little writing on what traveling means to me.

I don't consider myself an expert traveler, but I do think of myself as a traveler at heart. I haven't been everywhere, but I have seen parts of the world that have left a huge impression on me, parts of the world filled with people and sights that I will forever remember. Parts of the world that have made me into the person I am today. I think traveling has the power to change a person. It opens our eyes to life outside of our daily routine; it teaches us that there are more important things in this world than weekend cleaning and filling our closets with coveted pieces. It opens our eyes to the people, times and works of art that came before us; the struggles that paved the way for humanity to become a society. Travel teaches us that we are not the only beings on this planet. Travel doesn't just have to be a vacation or a time to kick up your feet and relax; it can be more. It can be a chance for us to grow and learn and make ourselves into better people, and when we return home from a trip in which we took full advantage of these benefits, I know the feeling of relaxation and satisfaction is even more present in our lives. Exploring can leave us feeling even more full and alive than we ever did.

Personally, traveling fulfills me in the craziest of ways, ways that may only make sense if you've experienced them. When traveling, you realize how small a part of this very complicated world you are, yet you've never felt more connected and vital. Whether it's standing inside the Colosseum picturing times of the past or holding a conversation with a simple Bulgarian family. Big or small, historic or not, no matter what country, city or small village, you walk away with an indescribable feeling of fulfillment. Like a piece of your heart you didn't even know was missing was found. All of this beauty is why the times I've spent traveling have left me with memories I hold onto so very tight and experiences that I feel deserve their very own little compartment in my heart.

Why do you travel? A little food for thought on this Saturday morning.

I hope you'll head on over and check out Casey's blog. I did a little Q&A session with her, but I urge you to stick around and explore some of her other posts as well.

Have a beautiful weekend friends and maybe do some exploring.

Photo taken by myself in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria, January 2011. Type by myself.