Saying Goodbye

20131023-153625.jpg Goodbyes are one of those little life obstacles everyone {usually} hates. I've recently had to make a decision that is requiring me to close a chapter on my life that has taught me so much and brought me more joy than I thought could possibly come from two tiny human beings. It's been almost exactly a year since I started my nanny life. Kamden, now almost two and a half years old, was less than 18 months last November. To see him grow the past year from a timid one year old into a nonstop talking toddler has been so fun. I'll miss his big baby blue eyes, his one-toothed smile, his shaggy beautiful blonde hair, the countless things he does everyday to make me laugh, the way he comforts his baby brother, and even his tantrums. You're going to rock "school," little guy, with your little Yankees backpack and hilarious personality.

The other tiny human who has managed to brighten my days for the past year is little Devean. He was not yet 3 months old last November, his sweet, calming personality just beginning to form. Now, as a walking and talking 14 month old, he is a sight for sore eyes at 7am every morning when he runs {or waddles} into my arms. His cuddly personality is so refreshing. Nicknamed Buddha baby for his calm, chill ways and his chubby little legs, watching him go through the milestones of the first year of life have been a privilege to be a part of. Thanks for the sweet cuddles, you beautiful baby boy.

Then there's Braeden. The eight year old big brother, who I don't see as often, but is the best big brother these little guys could ask for. Kamden has recently become his little shadow. Keep being that role model, bud. They love you more than you know.


Truthfully, it's not like I'm saying goodbye forever. These boys are my cousin's beautiful children, so they will always be a part of my life and I will hopefully be seeing them often. But there is something so connecting about nurturing a baby. Their innocent eyes, tiny hands and sweet smiles melt my heart like they were my own. They've taught me so much about what parenting is all about. Even greater, they've taught me that life is about the small everyday moments. A simple hug from Devean or those rare moments Kamden gets cuddly, locking his legs around my waist and cupping my face in his hands, those are the little things life is all about.

Today is my last official day of being their nanny. I'm going to cherish those little joys. I'm excited for them as they move onto daycare, or what Kamden thinks is "school." They'll make little friends and have so much fun.

This next part of my life is also an exciting time. I will be working from home full-time, primarily as a writer. It is a step I needed to take, opening this door. It is what I dream of doing for the rest of my life, and I am crossing my fingers that it all continues to be as wonderful as I've dreamt it to be.

Have a wonderful weekend all. Appreciate those little moments and keep chasing your dreams.