a short film, vermont style.

https://vimeo.com/83002253 Oh boy, have I missed this lil ol’ blog of mine. Nothing like a little time away to realize just how much I truly need and crave this space. Over the past few months, it has become more than just a place for me to record the everyday of my life. More and more, I find myself wanting and needing to come back here at every possible free minute. It is a place for me to not just write freely, but to exercise and practice my passion for design, photography and my other creative passions. It’s a good feeling, to not just think of myself as a writer anymore, but a creative person in many more aspects.

Anyway, I’m back from a wonderful holiday with my loud, crazy, loving family. The day after Christmas, Hobson and I packed the car up for a five hour drive to the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, where my parents, Amy and Josh were already waiting. Vermont holds a special place in my heart. I just might have been on a snowmobile for the first time at six months old, so I'm pretty familiar with a select few mountains up there in the great North. Some of my favorite childhood memories take place up there on those mountains in the winter months.

Back to the present... The next five days were filled with lots of beautiful snowy landscapes, mountain skiing escapades, much card playing, local craft beers, warm meals, a day trip to Canada, parking lot donuts in the middle of a snow storm, cozy fireplaces, coffee-filled mornings, lots of laughter and love. Just the way a winter holiday should be spent, if you ask me.

I’m looking forward to bringing in the New Year with some beautiful friends tonight. I hope you all have a fun, safe and sparkly evening! Hobson and I have big plans for 2014 + cannot wait to share the journey here with you guys.

See you all next year! Xx

PS! I hope you enjoyed the little video above I made of our trip up north! If you watched the entire thing, you're my new favorite person. Those five people in that film are all completely crazy, even more so together, but they are my whole heart. Thanks for watching!

I made the video using the 8mm app on my iPhone. Music is Compass by Lady Antebellum.