Summer Entertaining // Ice Cream Bar

photo There is nothing better than ice cream in the summertime. It's something as embedded in American summer culture as July 4th, corn-on-the-cob and fireworks. The new trend popping up all across the country is self-serve frozen yogurt piled high with toppings. As much as I love froyo, I personally have a deeper love for good old-fashioned ice cream with the overwhelming variety of toppings. So a few weeks back, we came up with the idea of creating our own mini froyo bar, but with real ice cream. We gathered a bunch of mason jars, added some chalkboard paint to the lids, and filled them full with some of our favorite toppings: crushed Oreos, crushed Kit-Kat bars, colored and chocolate sprinkles {my personal favorite}, gummy bears, sour gummy worms, crushed Twix bars, and Mike and Ike's. {I'm sure I've forgotten quite a few}! Add some hot fudge, and the trip to the local ice cream shop is taken care of from home.

With summer parties happening what seems like almost weekly {not complaining!}, I stumbled across this neat article on how to throw together your very own ice cream bar for summer entertaining.

Another quick note: July is National Ice Cream month so indulge a little bit!