Summers End


Welcome to Monday, friends! With this fresh week comes a new series collaboration between myself and my dear friend, Brooke, the writer of the sweet blog Honestly, B. We've teamed up to bring you a fun challenge we appropriately named Moodboard Mondays, and we're pretty darn excited about it! Here's how it'll work. Come the first Monday of each month, we'll be choosing a theme to create a moodboard around and share with you all. We figure it's a good way to exercise our creative juices and set a positive direction for the month ahead. There's nothing like starting off on the right foot, so we'd love for you to join in on this challenge with us!

We're a week behind on this month, but we made an excuse out of last week's holiday. So today, for our first theme we chose "Summers End." After all, it's what September is all about, right? The falling back into a routine after a full and chaotic season, soaking up the last couple weeks of warmth and sunshine and sandal weather, and drinking as much lemonade and sangria as the days and nights will allow. I happen to find the beach in September beautiful. Summers end for me is still the beach, only with sweaters instead of bathing suits, bonfires instead of coolers and closed umbrellas instead of open ones.

What is summers end to you? Do you have any end of summer routines in preparation for the chillier days ahead?

Don't forget to head on over and see what "Summers End" means to Brooke! That girl is crazy talented. Her board will not disappoint!

Next month's theme is "Macabre" in honor of Halloween! We would love for you to link-up with us next month. We will post on the 6th of October. And maybe you're really feeling the theme "Summers End?" We'd love to see what you come up with! Leave a comment below with a link to your post.