From the Weekend: The Ginger Man

The Ginger Man Well, Monday has come yet again, friends! I hope you all had a wondeful weekend! I'm sitting here Sunday night writing this, while sipping on a perfect winter cocktail by Hobson {recipe in his book}, my favorite candles crackling in front of me, football on the television and a savory dinner in the oven {again, check out Hobson's book for the lovely recipe}. It was an extremely low-key weekend for us, filled with tons of cooking, running errands, a little dodgeball, and relaxing. Saturday was a fun night out with the best friends. We ventured down to South Norwalk {known as SoNo around here}. While many of my friends and peers have experienced SoNo many times, I've never been. Two of my best friends moved to Norwalk in the past few months and my dear sis, Amy, and her boyfriend, Josh, will be moving to the next town over this coming weekend. So I can feel many more nights being spent in those parts in the very near future. We spent the entirety of our night at The Ginger Man, a fun bar with an extremely awesome beer selection. In between the laughs, conversations and drinks, I was able to snap these few photos on my iPhone in the darkened bar, so quality is eh, but I kind of love the vintage feel of them. Call me crazy, but sometimes the best photographs are not always the crisp, clear ones.

I'd love to hear about your weekends! Hope they all were magical. Xo.