Throw A Dart: Where In the World To Go?

This past week, I was looking at the globe sitting atop my bureau and this thought came to mind: just pick a place and explore.  I can go anywhere in the world I want to, so what am I waiting for?  On a “why not” sort of whim, I spun the globe, shut my eyes, and placed my finger back on the globe.  Where did my finger land?  On the southern-most tip of South America.  Now I had pictured myself in Chile one day, but venturing down to the southern tip was not something I had specifically forseen.  But why not?  I spun the globe again, closed my eyes, and repeated the process.  This time, my finger told me I should get on a plane and head to Romania.  Chile and Romania.  Two places worlds apart, geographically, culturally, historically, but it looks like my future sees me there one day.

Now we all have our bucket lists that we want to check off before our time here expires, but sometimes it is the spur of the moment trips that we will remember.  So forget the logic and go off the beaten path for a while. 
Spin the globe, throw a dart at a map, and just go.