Today I'm Thankful For...

Being Thankful The month of November is almost half through (eek! where has the time gone?!). Thanksgiving is getting crazy close! I love this time of year, as I'm sure many do! Everyone is so uber cheerful, the chill in the air makes things twice as cozy, yummy food and drinks are always coming from the kitchen and joy is just everywhere. It's contagious and I absolutely love it.

I'm trying to embrace the true meaning behind the holidays this year, so I figured a few posts like this were a fitting way to kick the season into full swing. It's also a nice wake up call on those days when I'm stressing about the silly little things. I'd love for you to join in! What are you thankful for?

Burke Mtn

...the overwhelming beauty of nature Food in my belly

...having healthy, savory food for our bellies Snow

...the first snowfall of the season! Welcome winter. I love you.