Touring Connecticut // One

20130928-225652.jpg When I tell people we're going on vacation to Connecticut {and we live in the state year round}, there's a little bit of hesitation and confusion before the polite "Oh fun!" The thing is, our little state is so beautiful, and there is so much to see we couldn't even fully indulge in it all in three full days. I'm the type of person who wants to explore every little part of a place - stop at every farmstand, artsy cafe, shop, scenic sights... Why not Connecticut? The best vacations do not have to be on islands in the Caribbean or in elegant European cities. They can be right in our own backyard. I know these photographs do not do Connecticut justice, but I hope they give you a new appreciation of this great little state we call home.

These photos are from our first day of travel. I'll add more in the coming days. Hope you all had a wonderful fall weekend!

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