Travel Packing Tips // To Pack or Not to Pack?


{One of my weekend highlights was this farmer's market purchase full of fresh goodies}.

I hope everyone's weekend {long or short} was as adventurous, sunny and happy as mine! Welcome back to Monday.

My weekend concluded last night with a quiet evening of packing and preparing for our trip to New Orleans tomorrow. No matter how much I travel, I'm still the most inconvenient {and slowest} packer I think there ever was. Even if the weather forecast calls for hot weather all day, every day, I still end up overthinking and trying to decide if I really might need a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt. Then I go back and forth and back and forth on my decision far too many times. It's become habit to arrive home at the end of trips and unpack my suitcase only to realize I didn't wear half the clothes I brought. I am, however, getting better! You'd think traveling around Europe living out of a backpack each and every trip would make me a packing expert. Nope. Along with experience, travel tips like these found here have certainly been helpful for me when it comes to packing for a vacation.